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UIF CONSULTANTS will take you by the hand and help you along the way to make the claim process as easy as possible. Please read through this agreement careful and complete your details. You cannot proceed to the next step if the boxes are not ticked. Each tick signifies that you have read, understood and accept the content.

I understand that:
Once a claim has been submitted to the Department of Labour the processing of the application is up to their discretion. It is my responsibility to inform UIF Consultants immediately if I have been employed.
UIF CONSULTANTS has no control over approval, payments and time frames and can only give feedback as received by the Department of Labour.  
It is the responsibility of your current and past employers, and not that of UIF CONSULTANTS, to update your employment records with the Department of Labour.
UIF Consultants and the applicant are jointly and severally liable towards the Department of Labour for all claims that the Department of Labour might have in terms of this agreement against the parties;
UIF Consultants is a private company providing services to you and is NOT THE DEPARTMENT OF LABOUR. I did read and agreed on the content published on the DoL website: https://www.ufiling.co.za/uif/terms-and-conditions

UIF CONSULTANTS will do the following:
Provide you with correct claim forms and guidelines for completion to assist you in filling out the forms.
Quality assured completed forms for errors to avoid any delays with submission.
Answer all your questions as they arise.
Register your claim with the Department of Labour after receiving the correct completed forms and documents.
Monitor progress of your claim and provide feedback.
File the continuation of payments after receiving confirmation from you that you still unemployed, on a monthly basis to the Department of Labour until the value of your claim has been paid in full.

A once off fee of R 750 is payable for the consultation service.

Claims are paid directly into your own Bank Account.

No claim can be processed without receipt of full payment of our service fee. 

Our banking details are as follows:
Account number: 1676412911
Bank: Capitec
Savings account
Reference number: Your initials, surname and date of birth

Refund Policy
Please ensure that you take note of the following:

No refunds will be made:
if the Department of Labour decline your claim; documents were sent to us after the 12 month cut off; and/or
if you decide not to claim anymore for any reason whatsoever or if you realize that you are not eligible to claim.
We will not use your details or share your details with anyone, we don't believe in spam.
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